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The most common questions I get from sellers are, not surprisingly, related to factors that will influence the sale of their home.  There are, or course, a myriad of factors that effect their sell but, arguably, the top three would be: pricing, marketing and partnering with a top real estate agent in the area.  The great news is that if they partner with the best real estate agent, then the first two factors (and all the others) will be taken care of.  Let’s expand on pricing…

Accurately pricing a home is the foundation of a successful real estate transaction.  Everything else can be done correctly but if a seller is advertising their home in the wrong price range, then it’s all for naught.  Underpricing will leave money on the table; I don’t recommend that.  The more common mistake – overpricing – will increase days on market due to advertising efforts going to the wrong buyers.  Statistics also prove that the over-pricing gamble causes homes to sell for less than they would have had a professional agent priced it correctly from the start.  Correctly pricing a home, which is surprisingly less common than one would think, will cause a home to sell more quickly and at a higher price by immediately attracting the right buyers.

Sellers often ask, “Why can’t we just price higher (overprice) just in case someone wants to overpay?”  As concise as I can put it… When a buyer decides to move forward with an offer, their lender will require an appraisal. The lender’s appraiser will not let their client (the lender) overpay.  Therefore, there is absolutely no benefit for a seller in today’s market to overprice their home.  A professional agent always shows sellers what the correct price is in the current market so that the seller can advertise to the right buyers from the very start and get top dollar.

“If I have a real estate agent, how can my home be over-priced in the first place?”  Unfortunately, not all real estate companies are completely knowledgeable and/or honest with sellers when it comes to pricing a home.  Truthfully, some companies have motivation to not sell a home quickly and are more concerned with having a sign in another front lawn that will attract buyers for other homes.  This way they can make the seller feel better about their home knowing they will likely get them to slowly come down in price while continue to attract other buyers.

In today’s market, it is imperative to price correctly from the start.  When you partner with a top real estate agent like Joseph from the Dalton Elite Team, you will start aggressively with an honest and accurate number that, combined with other factors like proper marketing and expert negotiations, will get your home sold quickly for top dollar.
Dalton Elite Corporation is a professional real estate team founded by Joseph Dalton, former Marine Corps officer, Naval Aviator, and successful real estate investor.  Our mission is to provide all clients with Elite real estate services and experiences in order to maximize their investment. Emphasis is placed on professional communication, accurate valuations, proactive marketing/searching, and expert negotiations.  Our Elite system works as well for waterfront luxury properties as it does for military families. The Dalton Elite Team serves buyers and sellers in southeastern, coastal North Carolina in and around Wilmington, Jacksonville, Hampstead, and Topsail Island.  Call or text us at 910-705-5575 or live chat with us today from the DaltonElite.com for a complimentary market analysis.