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A buyer’s broker agreement can seem quite intimidating and limiting to a novice homebuyer. However, you can angle for some flexibility with the restrictions from a reliable real estate agent.

real estate agent in Jacksonville NC

I was posted to Jacksonville, NC and we had decided to purchase a house there rather than living on rent. I started scouring the real estate listings and contacted a couple of local agents too.

However, I was quite taken aback when I got a buyer’s broker agreement in the mail from one of the agents. I had just mentioned my requirements and was yet to meet the agent in person.

I had already scheduled an appointment with another Jacksonville NC real estate agent and decided to discuss the matter with him. Joseph Dalton of Dalton Elite (www.jospehdaltonrealty.com) was quite forthcoming about the local properties available, the current going rates and even spoke avidly about the community and local activities.

This real estate agent in Jacksonville NC seemed quite knowledgeable, experienced and I felt pretty comfortable with him too. So I decided to pursue the matter further and spoke to him about his contract requirements. I told him frankly that I was quite confused about the terms and not sure about being bound in such a way.

Dalton understood my apprehensions and explained that a buyer’s broker agreement was essential for protecting both of us. However, he told me that he would give me a test drive by showing some properties first and I can decide accordingly whether I wish to sign a contract with him. He also explained that I can use other options like a short-term contract or even a non-exclusive arrangement. He was even professional enough to permit the leeway of terminating the contract in case I was dissatisfied with his services and vice versa.

I have to admit I was quite taken in by his work ethics and style on our first day together itself. We signed the contract soon and I was the owner of a lovely double storey condo before the end of the month!