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Strictly speaking, a real estate agent’s role is limited to finding the right house and helping you close the sale. However, it wouldn’t hurt if the agent also guides you on the financing for the purchase.

After living for years in Wilmington and enjoying the bright and warm vibe of this port city, I was keen to put down roots by buying a home here. I had a couple of fine residential localities in mind and was contemplating contacting a good Wilmington NC real estate agency in the area.


I obviously needed outside financing to fund my real estate purchase, but as a first-time home buyer, I had no clue about loan shopping and mortgages and so on.

Lucky for me, I got a friendly and dedicated real estate broker at my first contact itself. Joseph Dalton of (www.josephdaltonrealty.com) personally sat down with me to discuss the kind of house I was looking for.

When I moved the discussion to financing, he told me about some of the favorable mortgage programs and their qualification criteria. He was quite forthcoming about the varying interest rates, down payment and other costs while analyzing my credit situation in detail. But he told me it was better to get a pre-approval before deciding the budget for my new house so that I was well aware of how much house I can actually afford and can thoughtfully use this as a starting point for the house hunting.

The Wilmington NC real estate agency recommended a few mortgage brokers and we set the groundwork in motion. However, Dalton’s agent was with me throughout and provided valuable guidance on the myriad facets of buying a house.

I am more than glad that the mortgage worked out right for me and I am able to foot the payments with ease. And I have a wonderful townhouse to show for it!